for a Healthy, Living Planet AND IT’S PEOPLE. . .

for a Healthy, Living Planet


“Our actions are a contribution to all of humanity and future generations.”
“Yet if we have the capacity to destroy the earth, so, too, do we have the capacity to protect it.”

~ Dalai Lama


Our Purpose Is To Restore And Preserve Our Precious Planet And It’s People, To A Vibrant, Healthy And Pristine State.


Werner Berger is the Guinness Book of World Records holder for being the oldest person in the World to have climbed the highest mountain on each of the seven (7) continents (incl. Mt. Everest).

“Our foundation is designed to draw people together, to collectively bring our Planet into a pristine state, and through our collective actions impact not just the planet, but all it's people on a personal level"

I am Werner Berger and my “claim to fame” is probably best defined as being in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest person in the world to have climbed the highest mountain on each of the seven continents, including Mt. Everest.

Little did I know my life was to change forever on my first trek into the Himalayas in 1992 at age 55. It was the beginning and just a matter time before I realized I could combine my leadership and climbing skills to create a program in which people could explore their own possibilities. So, in 2010, I began leading transformational life experiences, treks to Mt. Everest Base Camp and other high places.

Being one who has spent so much time in the mountains worldwide we have received endorsement from Third Rock Adventures to support our Werner Berger Global Foundation in Nepal and other countries.


OUR FRIEND "sagarmatha next" a waste management & recycling facility LOCATED IN THE HIMALAYA’S provided this recent update

The autumn season of 2022 our first full open season after the pandemic was very successful with +6000 visitors to Sagarmatha Next. The feedback was incredibly positive and supportive, and we’re very excited to see the coming fall of 2023, and next spring  season of 2024 with hopefully growing numbers of visitors. We restarted the Carry-Me-Back waste transportation program and had more than 2.5 tons removed from the trails up to Mt Everest. We are also in the process of starting the implementation of the next steps of the waste management plan, upgraded infrastructure, and expanding the Carry-Me-Back together with partner SPCC, the local organization.



“Help us bring our planet back to a Pristine State by supporting us through donations and taking simple actions like expanding waste removal and not littering. Your donations will have a personal impact on people and inspire others to join our cause. Together, we can rapidly escalate our impact and reach for the stars by growing to One Billion environmental activists now. Join us today and make a difference for our planet!”

Please make a donation now!



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Our Formula Uses Technology Developed By Nobel Prize Winning Chemists And Is EPA Registered.

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We applaud this sponsor since helping Bring The Planet Back To A Pristine State Is also in the mission of Third Rock Adventures.

The company is the brainchild of Naba Raj Amgai, a dynamic and visionary tourism entrepreneur. With the experience of more than 23 years in the tourism and hospitality sector, Mr. Amgai is the driving force of Third Rock Adventures with over two decades of tourism in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India, his company offers a seamless and hassle-free single destination or cross-country experience in many countries.

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